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Seeding Project Sept-Oct 201

On Sept 8th, I decided to plant some grass between a couple of bed of garlic that had been planted earlier. The 2 garlic beds have some mesh placed over them to keep the squirrels from digging in the beds.

The soil here is quite gravelly. The second series of photos a few weeks later will show the extent of the gravel
The pathways that were to be seeded were quite compacted. So I just took a hoe and made some shallow scratchings in the soil. They were about 3- 4 inches apart. The soil from the hoe also fell onto the hardened pathway as well.
Then I seeded the pathways with our Seed and Feed product. This contains a good mixture of grass seed that is suitable for sun or shade and also contains a high percentage of organic matter to help the seed stay moist and also provides a bit of nutrition for the germinating seedlings.

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